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Holidays Can be Quite Stressful

Holiday season. Hoorah 😎
Hope everyone has something great planned.

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I wonder though whether actually underneath it all is a huge amount of stress! Fact: Holidays can be quite stressful!

Those with families will recognise the amount of work that goes into planning a holiday, not to mention the hullabaloo involved in the travel to and forth.

What does planning and executing a #holiday do to parents’ anxiety?
A few things that get the blood pressure rising:

Travel Planning with ReuniteTag

😱 Planning. Making sure you plan the best location. How much research does this involve? For some not much, as they go to the same place, but for families who want an annual trip abroad, the first business is to find exactly the right place for the kids and hopefully they will be looked after so you can ‘relax’
😆Pre holiday. How much shopping is involved? What percentage will this add to the cost of the holiday. Right clothes, enough beach wear, suntan lotion, after sun, mosquito block, mosquito bite cream etc etc. Have you packed everything, did you get the insurance, do we need to get money these days? Will the loos be nice at the hotel? Will the kids be safe?
✈️Travel. Airports are stressful, especially with the whole family. Stay calm and hope the kids don’t wander off. Then getting to the plane, getting on the plane…arriving in a strange place, getting the transfer to another strange place.
🏖️Holiday. Once you’re there you can relax, except you don’t really know where you are. It’ll take a few days to adjust to the surroundings. You don’t know the best places to go. Mind you the kids are ok in their club, so you can relax – what’s this, he’s hurt his foot and wants to spend the rest of the holiday with you. Get in the pool; act as an island!
😐Home. How long ahead of time do you start to plan the journey home? Come on, we all do it. It builds and builds.

But we did all have a wonderful time, didn’t we 😂
I wish you all pleasant travels this season 🙂

Let’s be fair to #travel companies and #travelagents, as they do try to take the stress away…but it still gets in there and niggles away!

Maybe we should all stay at home and just have some selective Days Out 🙂 ?

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