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Actually Holidays Can be quite Stressful!

Holiday from ReuniteTag

Holidays Can be Quite Stressful Holiday season. Hoorah 😎Hope everyone has something great planned. I wonder though whether actually underneath it all is a huge amount of stress! Fact: Holidays can be quite stressful! Those with families will recognise the amount of work that goes into planning a holiday, not to mention the hullabaloo involved […]


We had a call on 20th July 2023 letting us know a couple and their 2 children had received a text telling them their taxi driver had their passports – they’d dropped them whilst disembarking at Dublin airport. They were due to fly to Malaga. If the taxi driver didn’t have their passports with the […]

You’ve got 3 phone numbers to connnect your ReuinteTag Code to you, but which 3?

ReuniteTag: The code that protects the whole family

It is very important to ReuniteTag that our customers keep themselves safe and secure, which is why we devised our codes to help to keep users anonymous. We also appreciated that when an emergency occurs, whether that’s losing something important or a medical event or accident, then it was important that more people than just […]