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SafeBuddy Codes Schools & Clubs Pack – 30 SILICONE wristbands and 1 Code



Safe Buddy Codes Pack is THE best way to protect groups of children on trips.

The Pack contains:

1 x Unique Reunite Code

30 x High Quality Silicone Wristbands embossed with the Reunite Code

Instruction Leaflet

Note, each band contains the message: “If Lost, go to’ Code: AB 1234 5678”


Process from purchase:

You will receive your pack with a leaflet expalining what you do next, but it is a very simple process:

  1. Goto (you may be redirected to
  2. Click on ‘Register A Code’
  3. Choose your language and follow the instructions
  4. Choose 3 phone numbers to be contacted in case of alarm – it’s advisable that you discuss this with others to agree the best numbers to use (remember these are anonymous and unknown to the finder/helper).

The safe buddy codes pack is designed to make it easy for you to apply extra safeguarding to children when you are out with them on trips or at tournaments together.

Unfortunately children do wander off and get lost

With Reunite codes attached to their safebuddy wristbands the children will be able to seek help.

The finder will go on-line, go to the website and click on ‘found/emergency’ where they can enter a message, which will be recieved by the 3 nominated phone numbers. From thereon a rendezvous can be arranged and the child returned to safety.


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4-9, 10-14