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SafeBuddy Emergency ID card. Quickly get a text sent to 3 close contacts

What do you do if someone collapses in the workplace?
What processes do you have in place for protecting colleagues in the workplace?
And, most importantly, would you know how to contact their next of kin?
We show how SafeBuddy Code in the workplace can be a vital tool to help in a time of high anxiety.

It will be at the top if every HR departments risk analysis and processes will likely be in place for such an incident. 

But does everyone have the training?

SafeBuddy Code protection in the workplace. How do you contact next of kin?

Here’s what should be done in such an emergency, or in the event that one of you colleagues suddenly take ill:

1. Assess the Situation: Quickly evaluate the scene for any immediate dangers to yourself or others. Ensure your own safety first.

2. Check for Responsiveness: Approach the person calmly and gently shake their shoulders while asking loudly, “Are you okay?” and if there’s no response, the person is unconscious.

3. Call for Help: If you’re in a workplace, activate your emergency response system immediately. Call emergency services (911, 999, 112 etc) and provide the necessary information, including the address, your name, and details about the person’s condition.

4. Provide First Aid: If you’re trained in first aid, assess the person’s breathing and pulse. If they’re not breathing or don’t have a pulse, begin CPR immediately. If they’re breathing, place them in a recovery position to maintain an open airway.

5. Stay Calm and Reassure: Keep the person calm if they regain consciousness before help arrives. Reassure them that help is on the way and that they’re being cared for.

6. Manage the Scene: If necessary, clear the area around the person to allow emergency responders easy access when they arrive. Provide any information requested by emergency services personnel.

7. Contact next of kin: Emergency services need information quickly, plus loved ones need to know quickly that their relatives are unwell. Next of Kin can provide vital, potentially life saving information.

It’s this last point that is the only one that most work places don’t have covered. Yes, HR usually have a phone number but this is a slow operation and what if HR happen to be very busy on something else?
How many people know how to contact next of kin of their work colleagues? It’s surprising how few will say they do.

So how do you get this information quickly?
SafeBuddy Codes @ Reunite is one way to get a text to 3 people in an emergency using a simple code.
When employees carry a code on a card, or it is applied on their company ID card, then you can get help when its needed. Quickly.
One day you could save your colleagues life. What greater gift! 😍

SafeBuddy Code Workplace ID protection

And talking of gifts, should you wish to know more about how SafeBuddy Code can help your workplace and how we can apply our codes to your processes, please email us at

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