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SafeBuddy Codes for Schools, Clubs and Groups


Safeguarding the welfare and security of children and guardians in Clubs, Schools, Societies etc

SafeBuddy Codes will enhance your safeguarding around trips, coaching and administration, adding layers of protection to children, teachers, coaches and administrators. Travel Reassurance!

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SafeBuddy code packs are designed to make it easy for you to apply extra safeguarding to children when you are out with them on trips or at tournaments together. And furthermore, the codes protect the anonymity of everyone involved in the group as no personal details are shared.

Unfortunately children do wander off and get lost – from clubs or schools, when on trips and even on their way home! Others are in need of specific requirements and our codes can help by having a quick link to a parent/guardian in an emergency.


Protect the whole group with one unique code.

When registered here, the code is attached to 3 mobile phone numbers of your choosing.

Everyone is then protected should a child get lost or in case of emergency.

Each wristband has the code and a message to go to where messages will be sent to the 3 phone numbers via our ‘found/emergency’ section – in over 130 languages


You choose the phone numbers to register your codes to.

These numbers will recieve messages when there has been an incident.

The messages come as a text from a prime telephone service.

No data is shared, keeping children and group leaders safe.


Unique to SafeBuddy 

No personal details are displayed or shared. Your phone number is not on display.

This means no parent, teacher, coach or administrator need ever worry about their name, address or phone number being compromised.


Our Current Range of Products For Schools & Clubs

Quality Silicone Wristands - Long term repeated use

Protect your class or group for a year with these hardwearing, quality silicone wristebands embossed with the message: “If Lost go to” plus your group’s unique code, which, once registered, will have attached to it, its own 3 specific phone numbers.

In the Pack:
30 Quality Silicone Wristbands
Instruction Leaflet

Protection: 12 months or 10 incidents’ (30 Texts to 3 phone numbers) before renewal.

Price – €95 

2 sizes – Ages 4-9 & 10-14

Multiple Codes & Tyvek Wristbands - Short term use

Protect your group for every type of short excursion, educational trip or tournament with a bumper pack of strong Tyvek wristbands.
These codes are designed to last just 48 hours so that it’s easy to use 3 different phone numbers on the next trip with another code.

The bands contain the message: “If Lost go to” but not the code, which will need to written alongside.
It is possible to renew a code for a year and keep using it also.

In the Pack:
500 Tyvek wristbands.
10 unique codes will be sent via text when you make your purchase.
Instruction Leaflet

Protection: 48 hours from time of code registration and covers you for 5 incidents (15 texts to 3 phone numbers) in that time.

Price €180

One Size

2 Pack Silicone Wristbands - For specific use

A pack of 2 for specific individual use.

There are various reasons why a leader or one of the children would be advised to have their own unique code.

Usually it would be because a parent/guardian will need to be advised quickly of an incident regarding the child and will be able to give speedy assistance as necessary.

Each wristband is of high quality, hardwearing Silicone and is embossed with the message: “If Lost go to plus a single unique code, which, once registered, will have attached to it, its own 3 specific phone numbers.

In the Pack:
2 x Quality Silicone Wristbands
Instruction Leaflet

Protection: 12 months or 5 incidents (15 texts  to 3 phone numbers). Codes can be renewed.

Price €14.95

2 Sizes – Ages 4-9 & 10-14