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One Code Protecting Everything When You Travel.

Protect it before you lose it!

Your lost stuff can now find you! Crucial if you need to carry your passport around with you (just add a coded sticker to the back!).

Feel Safer every time you go out, wherever you are – we translate over 130 languages.

Get help in an emergency.

Stay Anonymous – your privacy is protected as none of your data is shared or can be seen:
You becoame a code and you have 3 phone numbers attached to that code; these will be sent a text if someone has something to report.

Buy a unique code alongside cards, labels, stickers and bands and protect everything you own, under just one code. 

And you’re covered for upto 12 months.

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ReuniteTag pack with Journal entry

What's In The Pack

Your ReuniteTag Code, 2 x Ecards, 2 x fobs, 4 x large labels, 12 Stickers, 4 Tivek wristbands/tie-on’s


STOP PRESS: We had a call on 20th July 2023 letting us know a couple and their 2 children had received a text telling them their taxi driver had their passports – they’d dropped them whilst disembarking. They were due to fly to Malaga. If the taxi driver didn’t have their passports with the code attached, they wouldn’t have made that flight!

I was in London visiting family and was out in a restaurant on Tottenham Court Road. A short time later in a pub not far away my brother got a call from my wife to say she had received a text from ReuniteTag saying my phone had been found by a waiter in the restaurant when clearing the table. I was able to nip down the road and recover the phone. I hadn’t even missed my phone at that point, your service has proven to be fast and efficient and did what it said on the pack.

– Bryan WilsonBelfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Foo Fighters Concert in Slane, not a good place to lose your mobile phone – along with my partner and 75,000 other fans and after enjoying a fantastic live open-air concert I discovered that my mobile phone was gone. About 20 minutes after the gig while we were heading back to the car my girlfriend got a text from luggage hunters with details on how to get my phone back. I now believe more than ever that there are a lot of honest people around. Thank you Reunite Tag, your simple most effective system did just what it says on the pack.

– Adam MolloyFermoy, Co. Cork

I was flying to the UK for an important business meeting – sitting having coffee before going to my gate when I received a text message from ReuniteTag telling me to go to gate B6 where my passport was handed in. I didn’t even realize I had lost it.

– Brendan McKennaKnocklyon, Dublin