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ReuniteTag: The code that protects the whole family

It is very important to ReuniteTag that our customers keep themselves safe and secure, which is why we devised our codes to help to keep users anonymous.

We also appreciated that when an emergency occurs, whether that’s losing something important or a medical event or accident, then it was important that more people than just the owner should be contacted in order to increase the awareness and speed up responses.

In this article I will explore the choices you may go through, but I must start by pointing out that by ‘phone number’ here I always refer to ‘MOBILE/ CELL phone numbers’. The reason being is that around the globe most telephony businesses are phasing out the ability to send text messages to Landline phone numbers.

Should you have had the unfortunate experience of losing something you will most likely be anxious for its return and we can only imagine your delight to have received a message from a finder saying they have your item.

Our system helps enhance the messaging by allowing you to register 3 phone numbers to be texted at moment the finder contacts us and inserts your code into our ‘found/emergency’ protocol.

But which 3 phone numbers should you use?

Which 3 will have the most impact and will be able to help in all situations.

We think you should give it some thought. Consider your family circumstances, your health, the health of your loved ones etc. There are many factors which you may want to take into consideration.

Here are some thoughts to help you:

I only want 1 phone number!

This is totally a possibility and understandable should you wish it to be the case and in 99% of cases we imagine that you will use your own personal number, whilst there may be others which just have mom or dad, or a loved one etc.

We have been told that some people (mostly women) have registered two ReuniteTag codes. One for the family which they share and use 3 phone numbers, and one for themselves which acts as their own ‘anonymous’ code, should they ever need to put their personal details on documents or labels etc. It acts as a personal security blanket to prevent being compromised by sharing data.

2 numbers will suit us!

And this is fine also. You may decide as a couple that sharing with each other will be sufficient.

I’d just like to explain though why we increased the number to 3 and it was in the case of an emergency after a car crash whereby the first responder was searching for any valuable health information about the couple in the car who were injured. On following the emergency protocol at ReuniteTag he heard two phones get notifications from inside the car.

In this particular scenario it would have been better to have had a third person get a text message and they could have helped the emergency services with any life-saving information.

Ok you’ve decided to go with 3 numbers.

Although it may not always be so, we strongly recommend that phone number one is your number.

We then believe it wise that phone number two be that of your partner or someone particularly close to you who knows you very well – your best friend or relative!

If you’re supervising for schools/clubs then the 2nd (and 3rd) number should be others connected with the trip (with one back home at base perhaps)

The third number can be a bit of a conundrum, and this is where you should give it some thought.

Why do you have ReuniteTag and what will you use it for, but more importantly how many of you will be using the code?

Are you using it for the whole family for year round protection? Do you prefer to use it for when you and your partner are away on trips? There are numerous scenarios.

In the case of potential health emergency who is the person most suited to be able to assist first responders/medics with health advice that may be life-saving.

Who is the person you trust the most to be helpful to you when something happens and who will be happy to receive a text from the finder and will be willing to help out on your behalf if necessary.

Take everything into consideration and pluck for the most sensible solution.

Our attitude is that whoever you select will be the right choice, because you know that should it be necessary, your message has reached beyond your own inner circle, and help will be around the corner.

Tell Everyone!

One last piece of advice – Please make sure you make people aware that you are attaching their phone numbers to your code when you register. It won’t be very good for them if at some point in the future they receive a text from ReuniteTag and they have no idea why!

If you’re not sure what to do, chat to your friends and family or should you wish, please contact us: