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SafeBuddy & Reunite Code Ltd are part of the same stable!

SafeBuddy Code is owned by Reunite Code Ltd

Reunite Code Ltd generates codes using AI/Cloud Technology

  • Reunite Code is an IP protected system which turns people into a random code, with 3 associated mobile phone numbers.
  • The codes are then utilised on items such as luggage, passports, phones and children’s wristbands. By sending messages to the associated phone numbers, the items/children can be reunited should they become lost.
  • They (as ID cards) also act as an emergency service should someone be taken ill and the text message will go to next of kin who can provide life-saving information.
  • Reunite Code is globally unique because we don’t collect any personal data – code holders are completely anonymous. We will never disclose a phone number – All we have on our system is a code and its associated phone numbers, we do not know who they belong to. Parents are therefore never compromised by having to share their data openly.
  • The Brands’ proposition is that we want everyone to feel safe and reassured whenever they leave the home. We are targeting every household. In essence: “Every Home Should Have One!“