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  1. How Long Do The Codes Last?
    When you purchase a code you will then need to register it. Once you have it registered, your code will be active for a fixed period of time, dependent on the products purchased, OR until you have used up your ‘premium text’ allocation.
  2. How Many Texts Do I Get?
    Each registration has an allocation of 15 or 30 texts (unless otherwise stated on the product). When you register your 3 phone numbers your allocation is for 5 or 10 texts per phone number. What this means is that, with 3 numbers, you are covered for upto 5/10 lost items or emergencies before you need to top-up/renew. 
    The texts are for a premium line number, which means your texts will have priority – important if you are in a packed sports stadium or at a concert, for example
  3. Do I have to register 3 phone numbers?
    You can register less numbers, but it is to your advantage to use more as this doesn’t cost you any more and it means 3 people get messages in emergencies, increasing the likelihood that you will get help. We have written a short blog article on how you may choose your numbers: Here
  4. How Much is A Code and it’s Renewal?
    A code on it’s own to set up and send out is €9.95. You will then own this code.
    To renew / Top up the cost will be €7.95
  5. Can I change the phone numbers
    Yes, but you will need to contact us at initially, because we have to make sure we’re talking to the owner of the code, before making any changes. There will need to be an administration charge to do this of €4