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Help children in need quickly contact 3 people. Keep your details secret. It’s all in the code!

Unfortunately children do wander off and get lost – from clubs or schools, when on trips and even on their way home!

With SafeBuddy codes attached to their wristbands or possessions the children will be able to seek help.

The finder will go the website and click on ‘found/emergency’ from where their message will be recieved by the 3 nominated phone numbers. From there a rendezvous can be arranged and the child can be reunited safely.

Our advantage:

  • The use of an anonymous code.
  • There can be no potential compromise of personal details being shared with others.
  • Parents/carers/guardians do not need to put their phone number on anything!

SafeBuddy Code. Child Safety System

Our SafeBuddy Wristbands for children work like this:

  • Each one of the high quality silicone wristbands are for children to wear when out and about playing sport, exploring, being adventurous and learning about the world around them.
  • Each set of wristbands is printed with a SafeBuddy code alongside the message – “If Lost, Go To” 
  • You will have instructions to register the code and, when you do, you will nominate 3 mobile telephone numbers to be used in an emergency.
  • Remember only the code is visible to others and these phone numbers are anonymous.
  • When a child has an accident or gets lost, the finder/helper uses the code on our website (‘Found/Emergency’) and sends a message to the 3 phone numbers.
  • When this message is received suitable action can be taken to get reunited

A pack with 2 quality wristbands and a unique code is available to buy on line at the cost of €14.95 +P&P

The packs come in 2 sizes: ages 4-9 & ages 10-14

For many years I have been advocating the merits of play for children and how children's development is enriched through interacting positively with the world around them. Sadly in today's society many parents find it too risky to allow their children outside to play, for fear that 'something may happen'. What I love about Reunite SafeBuddy Codes is that it can give much-needed reassurance to parents to give their children back that care-free childhood and let their kids go and play, knowing that, should their child wander off and get lost, there is now a secure process to help get everyone reunited, and quickly. And the fact that there is no need to display or exchange a phone number gives it another layer of security, so is also great for older children going further afield..
SafeBuddy Silicone Wristbands for Children

SafeBuddy Bands For Safeguarding Children

Protect the children & stay safe.
Use the code on other items too (just mark these with the message and the code) - e.g. Kit Bags, Sports Equipment

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